Life Story Books


Your children, grandchildren and loved ones will cherish your life story in a privately published keepsake book that is custom designed for each individual or family.


Working with a skilled interviewer is a wonderful journey for the story teller, filled with joy, laughter, golden memories and sometimes tears. At the end of the journey is compelling and visually stunning book your family will treasure forever. Memoirs can also focus on topics such as your travels, career or other facets of your life that you'd like to explore more deeply.


Tributes for Weddings, Anniversaries and Milestone Events


Celebrate the great moments of your life or business with a tribute book, a perfect way to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations and other momentous occasions. "The Story of Us" is a favorite for brides and grooms. Tribute books are an enduring and elegant complement to life's most special and memorable events. The day is over in 24 hours; books last a lifetime.


Legacy Letters


Legacy letters, also called ethical wills, share your values, beliefs, wisdom and other perspectives with your family members and loved ones. Written at any stage of life, legacy letters give voice to our heartfelt emotions at pivotal times in our lives - marriage, childbirth, middle age or in the autumn of our years.  A  legacy letter is also a wonderful opportunity to share your religious and spiritual beliefs  with your children and grandchildren, and let them know how those beliefs guided your life in good times and bad.

“Linda did an amazing job on my father's book, the stories about his life are priceless. Her ability to ask the right questions led to many details of stories that I had never heard before.” - Matt, sales engineer, Wisconsin

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