Every life story, business or tribute book created by Never Forget Legacies is an exceptional quality custom product.


Fees are based on the scope of the project and take into account all of the activities necessary to produce a book: planning; research; interviews; transcription; writing; photo scanning, restoration and captions; editing and revisions; proofing and book design.  Due to the labor intensive nature of these 200+ hour projects, the cost to produce a comprehensive legacy book typically starts at $10,000.


Life story book coaching for individuals writing their own life stories are billed hourly with packages starting at $1,000. Book production services are also offered.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the benefits of doing a life story?

A life story strengthens and renews the bonds of family and creates a legacy your loved ones will always cherish. Sharing our stories lets us relive the happy times and celebrate all that we have accomplished and endured. Taking an interest in the lives of our older family members is an act of love and tells them we care. The storyteller experiences the joy of reminiscing.


What if I don't remember much about my younger years?

Many people find themselves remembering more as the interview process moves forward.  Techniques such as memory sparks, time lines and branching points can help you remember more of your past. Looking at photos, reading old letters and talking to family members can bring things to mind that you may not have thought about for years.


How long does it take to do a life story book?

At least six months or more depending on the scope of the project. Interviews are done over several weeks, and then the manuscript is written. The client review process, layout and design and book publishing can each take several weeks.


What is the payment process?

A down payment is required to start work.  After that the work is billed in phases.


How is the cost of the book determined?

An estimate is created based on the number of hours of interviews, photos to be included, scope of the project and other factors.  For example a book about one person with 50 photos typically would cost less than a book about a married couple with 100 photos.


How long are the books and how are they published?

Most life story books are 100 or more pages.  After the layout and design is completed and finalized in Adobe InDesign, a PDF is created and uploaded to online publishing platform, typically Blurb.com or IngramSpark.  Both are global book publishers.  It takes at two to three weeks to receive the first "sample" copy; if there are no issues, the books are ordered and received in another two to three weeks.


I've started writing my life story but I'm having a problem finishing it, can you help?

Yes, coaching and editorial services are available to help you complete and publish your book.



“I thoroughly enjoyed the process of doing my life story book. It brought back so many good memories and the book is beautiful.”

- Mary, a retired nurse and grandmother

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